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Terms and Conditions

The following terms are set out to clarify what you can expect from the service offered by myself, Debbie Russell Counselling. It highlights some of the shared responsibilities which go into making counselling beneficial for you. It also aims to help you make an informed choice in deciding whether or not to work with me. You have the opportunity to tell me what is troubling you and together we will decide if what you are looking for and what I can support you with are compatible. My aim is to provide a calm environment for you to talk openly.


No information will be disclosed to anyone without your permission, unless there is convincing evidence that you intend to harm yourself or others, or others are at risk of harm, or when I am legally required to do so. However, should such a break in confidentiality arise, wherever possible, you will be informed. In signing this contract you include a consent to enable me to speak with another person who knows your concerns, such as your GP or Social Worker, if required. Occasionally this is necessary in order to gain further clarity to ensure the most appropriate support.


Counselling works best through meeting regularly, as it builds trust and helps focus on the aspects of life we are working on together. Sessions last for 50 minutes, meeting at the address of Debbie Russell Counselling, at the same time and day each week. An initial session plan of 6 weeks is suggested, with a review during this period, to jointly establish future session plans, as appropriate.


If you are unable to attend a session please contact me, Debbie Russell, as soon as possible. I may charge the regular fee for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice. If regular sessions cannot be attended, we will jointly review the effectiveness and viability of future sessions. I will give you advance notice of my own absence eg holidays or training workshops. Sessions missed due to my unavailability will not incur a fee.


Initial consultation £30.00
£55.00 per session payable at the session in cash or by cheque, or direct to bank account prior to session Reviewed annually in March, with 1 months notice of any changes.

Note taking

Debbie Russell Counselling will keep specific information about you such as name, address and age. Factual information regarding your reason for attending counselling will be recorded, along with the number of sessions attended and payment record. Notes are kept in a locked cabinet and destroyed after 7 years. Any text, emails or other messages are deleted within a month unless they form part of your ongoing session plans or are required for tax purposes. Your first name and second initial will be stored on the mobile phone of Debbie Russell until your counselling sessions come to an end, at which time your contact details will be deleted, unless agreed otherwise.


You will have been given a privacy notice with this contract. This sets out how I manage and safeguard your data. Please read this carefully and if you have any concerns, please discuss with me.


Should you have any complaints about my work, please discuss with me and we can address them to reach mutual satisfaction. Should any complaint not be resolved, or more serious, reference can be made to the National Counselling Society.

Professional affiliation

I am an Accredited Registrant member of the National Counselling Society and I adhere to their policies and Code of Ethics. My Professional Civil Liability Insurance is held with howden (Ref: P16R6854)


If you wish to contact me with questions, concern, complaints or a request for information please contact me, Debbie Russell:
Tel: 07946 386118

Accredited Registrant Member, MNCS (Accred) No. NCS16-03845